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What is web 1.0? Definition from

“Web 1.0 refers to the first stage in the World Wide Web, which was entirely made up of Web pages connected by hyperlinks. Although the exact definition of Web 1.0 is a source of debate, it is generally believed to refer to the Web when it was a set of static websites that were not yet providing interactive content. In Web 1.0, applications were also generally proprietary.”

Essentially, web 1.0 was one-way communication from the user to the computer. The user requested information, and the computer retrieved the information.

Web 2.0

Data Privacy:

☀Data privacy issue are one of the major concerns of our generation. When we envisage someone stealing our personal information we initially think of hackers, but we would never think about well trusted million dollar companies, monitoring our history and try to use our own personal data and information against us. In 2012 January the European proposed reform of data protection rules in the Europe.  The primary reason for the reform was to protect the average American privacy rights. Apparently large companies, was secretly monitoring us, what we purchased, our like and with that information they use well-constructed algorithm to find a certain pattern. When It comes to our privacy the average joe wants their information protected and to himself/herself.  Every webpage one visit even if it’s for just moment, whether its checking your email, reading the news, looking at cat videos on YouTube, shopping online or just browsing the web, you are being tracked by, an algorithm that someone made, so they would be able to tell what you like, what you watch, where you enjoying eating. Trackers with this personal and vulnerable information in their hands know more about you than you think, to be honest they might even know more than you. Lately there has been more cases of huge fortune companies implementing algorithms and tracking their customers. The United States Interestingly enough in recent news there has been this huge case, a fight, a battle of power for the life of man, ok maybe not that serious. But in my opinion could be one of the most important cases in the world. So one of the people at the San Bernardino shooting, and it happened to an IPhone, long story short the FBI initially wanted apple to unlock the phone, and apple said not even the could unlock the phone because it was locked by the cloud. So the FBI came up with alternative elaborative plan for apple to make backdoor and it would be installed through the update, so essentially they would update some features of the cloud and the with the update comes a backdoor where they could use to unlock the phone to retrieve the necessary date the need for the case, but apple doesn’t seem to play well. Apple and apple strongly believe that unlocking the phone would introduce several different security issues. 

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